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Claims Analysis in the Construction Management Field

Schertz LibraryIn the Houston construction industry, claims can present significant obstacles to profitability and productivity during the building process. Claims analysis services are designed to determine the risk factors involved in claims. These include the probability of liability being assessed and the likely damages awarded if these claims are taken to court. Making sure that your company has the right claims analysis team can help you to avoid costly litigation and can minimize your exposure to legal liability in the Texas court system.

Common Reasons for Construction Claims

Some of the most common types of construction claims in the industry include the following:

  • Change orders can generate significant issues for construction companies by requiring additional work and increased use of materials to complete the required tasks. Depending on the degree of added labor needed, construction firms may seek compensation for the increased costs.
  • Failing to meet deadlines can also result in claims. In the majority of cases, working with a company that offers Houston construction scheduling services can prevent these issues on the production side of the equation.
  • Design errors can also result in litigation on the part of clients or by construction companies who were provided blueprints by their clients.
  • Personnel issues and wrongful vendor termination claims can generate significant financial risk for companies in the current litigatory environment.
  • Construction defects are among the most serious and potentially costly claims and could prove financially devastating in some cases.
  • Building firms may also wish to pursue claims against vendors and subcontractors for breach of contract or failure to deliver the right materials at the right time.

Factoring in the potential costs and the degree of risk associated with claims in construction projects can help companies determine the most practical approach to construction project management and oversight of construction activities in the field.

Proactive Help for Ongoing Projects

Working with a professional Houston construction cost estimation consultant can ensure that you receive the best and most accurate claim analysis for a wide range of issues that can affect all types of projects. By spotting issues early and taking action to correct them, you can demonstrate your company’s commitment to fulfilling its contracts and providing quality construction services to your clients. This can often mitigate or eliminate potential claims against your company. If these claims do arise, however, your professional construction project management consultants can help you deal with the legal aspects of your building projects in the most proactive and practical ways.

The experts at Halford Busby can help you achieve the greatest productivity and profitability in the construction industry. We work with you throughout the building process to provide you with clear guidance and the best possible protection from claims against your company. Call us today at 281-920-1100 to schedule a consultation with us. At Halford Busby, we are committed to adding value to your bottom line.


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