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Project Completion and Closeout Procedures from the Experts at Halford Busby

Project Completion & CloseoutThe construction close-out process is often complicated and requires an unerring attention to detail to ensure the most positive results. At Halford Busby, our team of Houston commercial construction consultants can provide you with the support you need to navigate this process successfully. We have extensive experience in every aspect of completion and closeout procedures and can deliver the assistance you need to enjoy greater confidence during this critical phase of your construction project.

Checking Off All Requirements

The Halford Busby team can provide the documentation and expertise you need to ensure that your contract is concluded in a timely fashion. Some of the most important elements of this process include the following:

  • Creating and delivering all necessary documentation, including warranties, user manuals and systems maintenance handbooks
  • Providing training as needed in the use of building systems and in maintaining all components of the structure
  • Obtaining inspection reports from applicable city and county officials
  • Testing for electrical, HVAC, life safety, plumbing, mechanical and fire alarm systems
  • Production of service contracts if applicable
  • Resolution of all disputes and claims prior to the closeout date
  • Submission of all necessary regulatory documentation
  • Payment received on the contract and paid out to subcontractors as agreed

This is by no means a categorical listing of all the possible requirements your construction firm will face at project completion. The Houston construction project management experts at Halford Busby can provide you with the expertise and experience you need to navigate this process more easily and to ensure that your contractual obligations are met at the end of your project.

Professional Dispute Resolution

If problems do arise at any point during the construction process, Halford Busby can provide you with the support you need to resolve disputes with contractors, vendors, clients and suppliers. Our proven expertise in this area can help you to deal with change order disputes and other issues that could potentially affect your company’s financial situation. By entrusting your construction management to us from start to finish, you can enjoy greater confidence and increased peace of mind when dealing with the less pleasant side of the construction business.

At Halford Busby, we offer comprehensive Houston construction cost estimating, scheduling and project management services designed to help your company excel in the field of commercial real estate development. Our team of dedicated professionals will work with you to determine the most effective approach to your current and future construction projects. We are proud to offer the most practical solutions for all your cost estimating and consulting requirements. To learn more about how we can help your company reach its full potential in the competitive marketplace, give us a call at 281-920-1100 today. We will be happy to set up an initial appointment to discuss your needs in person. At Halford Busby, we are dedicated to helping you add real value to your company’s bottom line.